Teaching portfolio at Stockholm University

The teaching portfolio is an open web resource which is aimed at those who wish to start, update or further develop their teaching portfolio. A teaching portfolio is important in connection with applications for positions, promotion, development discussions and other presentations of one’s teaching skills. Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching at Stockholm University is responsible for this web resource.

The aim is to provide continual support for teaching staff to create and develop a teaching portfolio.

Mer än ett CV

More than just a resume

You need to write qualitative essays about your


CONCRETE EXAMPLES from your work as a teacher

Pedagogisk meritportfölj

Teaching portfolio

The purpose controls the content!

Employment, Salary discussions, Promotions, Personal development

En portfölj används för att

A portfolio is used to

Show selected parts of your professional work

– Provide a versatile picture of you as a teacher


DU som lärare är i fokus

YOU as a teacher are the focus

as you write down your teaching merits.

Reflect on your teaching related to your pedagogical perspective.

Du behöver olika portföljer

 You need to have different portfolios

– A COLLECTION PORTFOLIO – for continual gathering

– A SHOWCASE PORTFOLIO – The one you write for occasions when you need to show your evidence.

Kriterier för pedagogisk skicklighet

The criteria for pedagogical skills

is different at different universities, faculty and departments.

Be sure to follow current guidelines!

Evidens behövs för

Evidence is required for

ASSESSMENT of your pedagogical abilities

EVIDENCE: Certificates from managers and colleagues, students’ evaluations, etc.

Why a teaching portfolio?

Development at several levels!

The University teacher

Personal development and documentation or promotions and applications.

The Students

Students benefit from university teachers

who reflect over their teaching.


The University and departments

Increased quality in teaching which

contributes to the development of the


What does the student union say?

”Good teaching at a university is crucial for high-quality education and one of the most important factors of quality at a university.This is what the students believe and what research shows.” In the report, teaching portfolios and teaching skills are described.

The students’ learning in focus. SFS about education at the university. DNR: PU1-1/1213 Published by Sweden’s United Student Unions, Stockholm, 2013.